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Unpacking the Pac-12 players' list of demands

Discuss your thoughts about anything College Football or NFL draft. Recruiting, Projections, and Mock drafts, Etc. LANGUAGE: PG-13
  • Hour 1 - Unpacking the Pac-12 players' list of demands with ESPN's Adam Rittenberg

    Antonio Brown is out for at least 8 games, so will that drive away the Seahawks from signing the controversial wide receiver? John Clayton explains in Monday's Top Five.

    Later in the hour, ESPN's Adam Rittenberg joins The Professor to discuss the group of Pac-12 athletes who are demanding serious change from the conference's leadership.

    In Behind the Lines, the Seahawks welcome back a familiar face to their defensive line. ... hn+Clayton

    Hour 2 - College Football Insider Phil Steele on what to expect in a crazy 2020 season

    Will there actually be a college football season in 2020? What can we expect in the Pac-12? College Football Insider Phil Steele joins John Clayton to start off Friday's second hour.

    On the Report Card, a big name in sports media rips Jamal Adams on his way out of New York. The Professor gives it a grade. Your text questions and The Groz finish off the week. ... hn+Clayton
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