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2021 Draft Prospect Report

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2021 Draft Prospect Report
Thu Nov 19, 2020 11:42 am
  • College Football Players to Look Out For on the 2021 NFL Draft

    Football is a physique sport, the career of NFL players can be very short. Each year college players have to work their bodies to fare against the brutal beatdown coming from NFL caliber talent. Physical talent is a crucial aspect, especially for a sport offering high-intensity gameplay when a lot is on the line. NFL team team’s need to roster up with raw athleticism and talent, coupled with veteran experience. By adding new college athletes to a team may give it an advantage going into a new season.

    Every fan has anticipations as the draft approaches. Potential additions and recruits would be drafted by their favorite teams looking to get the perfect talent.

    In the 2021 NFL draft, there is some exceptional talent that have brought them to the spotlight during their college season. There are many sites with rankings and predictions have been written for the top players to note when the draft comes around. These are some players that are potential high draft picks who are most likely to be sought after by NFL teams to improve their existing rosters, or possibly after roster shuffles. Many of these players will be top targets in Daily Fantasy leagues next year.
    Recommended draft picks

    Trevor Lawrence
    A quarterback in his junior year for the Clemson Tigers, Trevor Lawrence was regarded as one of the country’s best quarterback prospects during his high school career. He led the Tigers during the 2018-2019 season, where they had a perfect run, with a 15-0 record, including the win for the NCAA championship title against the Alabama Crimson Tide, scoring 44-16.
    Lawrence played a total of 30 games, tallied an average of 65.5 pass completion percentage during his ‘18 - ‘19 and ‘19 - ‘20 seasons at Clemson, with passer ratings of 157.6 and 166.7 for the two seasons, respectively. He currently is the top prospect of the 2021 NFL mock draft and is eyed on for the actual draft come 2021.

    Ja’Marr Chase
    Chase plays as a wide receiver for the LSU Tigers, now in his junior year. He was a part of the LSU 2020 championship run, when they defeated Clemson, 42-25, and became champions for the 2019-2020 season, despite the two teams making a perfect run before that fated matchup.
    He played a total of 27 games during his two seasons at LSU, where he tallied 107 receptions, 23 of which were touchdowns, and ran 2,093 receiving yards.

    Micah Parsons
    Parsons plays for the Penn State Nittany Lions as their linebacker. He played a total of 26 games for the span of two seasons, 13 games each, tallying a total of 191 tackles, comprising 99 solo tackles and 92 assisted tackles.
    At 6’3” and 245 lbs, Parsons had dominated during the 2019 Cotton Bowl Classic and was named Defensive MVP by then. He was also named the Butkus-Fitzgerald Linebacker of the Year in 2019.

    Justin Fields
    Fields is a quarterback, currently playing for the Ohio State Buckeyes. He spent his freshman year playing for the Georgia Bulldogs during the ‘18 - ’19 season, where he appeared in 12 games, having a pass completion percentage of 69.2% out of 39 attempts with a passer rating of 173.7.
    Fields then transferred to the Buckeyes and spent the next two seasons, playing 14 games with them during the ‘19 - ’20 season, tallying a pass completion percentage of 67.2% out of 354 attempts with a passer rating of 181.4.

    Rashod Bateman
    Bateman plays as a wide receiver for the Minnesota Golden Gophers. He has played a total of 26 games for the two previous seasons, tallied a total of 111 receptions across 1,923 yards, 17 of which were touchdowns.
    According to Bateman, he was not supposed to participate in the current season because of uncertainties brought up by the COVID-19 pandemic, something he announced on Aug. 4, 2020. However, he rescinded that decision and was reinstated by the NCAA, rejoining the Golden Gophers.

    NFL Draft is one of the most anticipated events in sports. It is expected that the prospects are analyzed and sized up for the improvement of teams that seek to use their talents and skills for a better season run.
    Fans can also join in the analysis of these players and take part in betting fun, as people want specific draft prospects to join their favorite teams in the hopes of improving their overall performance for the next season.
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