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Reese's Senior Bowl Watchlist

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Reese's Senior Bowl Watchlist
Thu Sep 02, 2021 4:58 pm
  • The Reese's Senior Bowl is the nation's most prestigious college all-star game, as it annually serves as the first step of the NFL draft process, which explains our hashtag, #TheDraftStartsInMOBILE.

    The Reese's Senior Bowl has had 106 total players and 36 selected in the first three rounds of the 2021 NFL Draft. The 106 figure represents 41% of the total draft.

    This year's game will be held February 5, 2022 and broadcast live on NFL Network. Practices are live on ESPN; with NFL Network producing a daily recap show airing in primetime.

    School First Name Last Name Pos.
    Alabama Christopher Allen Edge
    Iowa State Chase Allen TE
    Michigan State Matt Allen OL
    Nebraska Austin Allen TE
    Georgia Adam Anderson LB
    Indiana Ryder Anderson DL
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