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Breaking Down the Seahawks Second Half Surge | Baldy Breakdo

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  • Breaking Down the Seahawks Second Half Surge | Baldy Breakdowns

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  • Great video! Thanks for the link!

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  • Very nice. Thx for posting.
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  • Another one

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  • Seeing that replay and breakdown of the third down play by the Viking reminded me of how it's funny how things work out. In the moment I was so upset that the let Thielen get away when they could have stopped him about 4 yds of a first down. But had they done that, Zimmer probably kicks the 3 and the best the Hawks can do is tie in regulation. Who knows how it plays out, if they get the TD / 2 pointer. OT etc. Not making the play 3-4 yard short set up a chain of events that led to the win.
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