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Most clutch QB in history....Russell Wilson

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  • Noticed on last nights game they showed the most 4th quarter comebacks in history. Here's the numbers they showed

    Then there's Russ...they didn't show, with 34.

    Here's the thing that blows me away. It took all 3 of those other QB's over 20 years each to reach those numbers! OVER 20 YEARS!!

    Russ hit 34 comebacks in just over 8 years. That's just insanity. But certainly explains fan's heart attack complaints

    Live it up fellow Hawk warshipers. You're watching what is likely going to be (barring any setbacks) the greatest to ever play his position etch his way into history one game at a time. Cheers!! Great time to be a hawk fan
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  • tonyseahawk wrote:Here's the thing that blows me away. It took all 3 of those other QB's over 20 years each to reach those numbers! OVER 20 YEARS!!

    I mean, he's probably going to eclipse them reasonably soon and will have done it in a much shorter period of time.

    But Manning only played 17 years in the NFL.

    This is Brees' 19th actual year played in the NFL, excepting his rookie year when he didn't play.

    This is Brady's 19th actual season, because of his injury year and his rookie year.

    None of these guys have played 20 seasons, yet.

    Wilson is in his 9th season. Barring anything crazy, he'll eclipse all these dudes. He balls out and is magic, but it's also a function of the kind of game Pete Carroll plays. As much as people complain about Carroll's "keep it close to the end" strategy, it's allowed Wilson to win a lot of games at the end.
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  • Not quite. There is a distinction between a game winning drive and a fourth quarter comeback. Russ is currently at 23 fourth quarter comebacks.

    The 34 you're referencing includes fourth quarter comebacks and game winning drives combined, including playoffs. That puts Russ at 34. He has 30 in the regular season.

    Peyton Manning has 54 game winning drives in the regular season (56 total, including playoffs), Brees has 51 (54 including playoffs), and Brady has 46 (55 including playoffs). ... career.htm ... career.htm
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  • Can’t help but wonder how long ago he would have gotten mvp if he had been taken by a eastern team.
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  • It has been obvious for years that he is one of the best finishers in league history. His ability to not only finish games, but that pure belief that he going to do it every time sets him apart.
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  • One must keep in mind that opportunity is what needs to exist. If your team constantly wins, maybe they’re not behind heading into the 4th qtr to begin with. These stats should be broken down a bit further. It’s difficult to determine who is the most ‘clutch’. The only thing that is true is that Russ IS clutch. That’s really all I care about.
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  • And those other guys (Sans maybe Brees between 2014-2016) had much better defenses to work with. Makes it even that much more impressive.
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  • All the russworship ends when he retires luck style taking 5 to 6 impact sacks a game

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