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Is Kyler Murray real deal or Kaepernick 2.0???

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  • I'm not even trolling... I haven't seen enough of Kyler Murray yet...

    I followed Kaepernick and Andrew Luck VERY closely and it was obvious that Russell Wilson was better in every way (it was up for debate at that time...)....

    So just curious what do you guys think of Kyler Murray?

    Right now I think he's better than Kaepernick but he's gonna fizzle out... that's my first impression.

    He might have at least a couple statistically amazing seasons but... at the end of the day is he Kaepernick 2.0? Or he he someone we have to worry about for years to come...

    He's already better than Kaepernick ever was in my opinion... the question is will he continue to improve or is this his best?
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  • Murray is competing and winning in the NFC West which is considered the toughest division in the NFL , so yes he is the real deal.
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  • Kyler is truly a poor man's Russell Wilson.

    People keep trying to compare him to Mahomes, but he never was, and never will be in that mode.

    He is a true dual threat, but his ceiling is lower than Wilson. Yes Mahomes is a dual threat guy too, but he doesn't need the threat of the rush to have success. Wilson doesn't really either, but it is a bigger need for him than Mahomes. Murray probably won't do well as a pure pocket guy, like the other two could.

    He will need to develop that to have true longevity, but he will be a thorn in our side for at least 6 to 8 years, barring significant injury.

    Much better than Kaep, and defenses won't be able to solve him as easily. Kaep gets a lot of criticism for being a 1-read, which isn't entirely true, nor is it entirely false.

    Ultimately, I believe he won't have the stats of Goff, but he will have more wins.
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