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Aros' Fearless Prediction Thread (@ 49ers)

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  • Who knew a few weeks ago we would still be in the running for the #1 seed? Sure, it's not super likely but it's not entirely unlikely either. The Bears have been trending upwards for weeks and need this win to have a shot to make the playoffs. Hardly an easy recipe for the Packers. The Panthers, while not to be mistaken with a top tier NFC team, has just the right amount of upset in them to ruin the Saints day in Carolina.

    That leaves the Seahawks taking care of business against the 49ers team that has had more of their share of injury bug than any other team I can think of. Yet, they keep on fighting. Good coaching keeps the healthy players available fighting hard. Just ask the Cardinals.

    I expect a valiant effort from them. Hell, it might even be a lot closer than we would think or like but as much as the 49ers would love to keep us from the #1 seed, it just won't be enough. Pete has the players ready and #1, #2 or #3 seed, he wants a winning streak headed into the playoffs.

    Aros' Fearless Prediction: Seahawks 31 - 49ers 16

    Aros' Fearless Record: 12-3
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  • 23-16 Hawks.
    Ytd 10-5
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  • Hawks 26-16
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  • If hawk starters play the whole game the hawks win 31 to 17.
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  • I see the Seahawks laying an egg here as the 49ers win this one 23-17.
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  • Hawks wont have anything to play for, but will still probably win this.

    Hawks - 27
    49ers - 17
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  • The 9ers just can't hang with the Might of the Seahawks.

    Seahawks 24

    Whiners 10

    Record: 10 -5
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  • Hawks - 23
    49ers - 17
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  • Hawks - 23
    49ers - 19
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  • Niners subconsciously playing for a better Draft position once they get behind.,

    Hawks 23
    Niners 17
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  • I'll go with 27-0 Seahawks

    with Gould's replacement missing 2 makeable FG's early & Kyle losing all confidence in him & going for it on 4th down instead of trying another & failing miserably.
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  • I think this is one of the most important games of the season... People say that the 49ers have nothing to play for... I say that it's not about the Niners it's about the Seahawks keeping focus after a huge win over the Rams...I know for a fact that the Hawks are not going to take this game lightly... The Hawks still have work to do on both O and D... they still have something to prove... I don't think the seeding plays any part in it,as the Hawks really don't have much control over what happens. Because of that, they will focus on what they have control over and that is beating the Niners... this Hawks team is pumped up.... they see the Niners as a serious threat, Carroll will have his team focused and ready to roll

    Edit: I'm changing my score Hawks 31-9

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  • 27-13 Hawks
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  • Stay healthy without injuries please,...start the new year with a W
    Hawks 27 Niners 19
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  • We finish strong. Hawks 24 - Niners 13
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  • My hope for the new year is that Saleh gets a head coaching job with a team we don't face for a few years so I don't have to see his shiny brown coconut every time the SF D takes the field. Man the networks love that guy. Mr. Football.

    Hawks - 27
    Neeners - 19

    Any blowout during Pete ball would be a fluke.
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  • Seahawks 31- 49ers 20

    As I said in the NFL forum. We won't be able to run the edges against your quick stout run D. This will lead to 3rd and long situations. Both starting WR are out leaving WR who won't get seperation. Adams will be blitzing off the edge or Wagner up the middle. LT Williams is out and RT McGlinchey has had a rough year. The right side of our line is weak.

    Wilson and you offense will put up points, they always do. I would not suspect 40 points plus though as our defense is still ok.

    Beathard will score a late TD making the game look closer than it was and the 49ers will enter the tunnel and put this miserable year to death finally. Good riddance.
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  • 34-17 Hawks

    10-5 YTD
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  • 94Smith wrote:Beathard will score a late TD making the game look closer than it was and the 49ers will enter the tunnel and put this miserable year to death finally. Good riddance.

    With how injuries have gone for the 9ers this year, talking about "death" might be... well, saying too much out loud.

    I'll say 24-10, Hawks, in hopes our defense has actually turned a corner.
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  • Niners are the new jets. Seahawks 40 Niners 9.
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  • 30-13 hawks
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  • I expect everything we could expect from them, they will not go quietly, we will win and I actually want a challenge to keep our edge.

    Seahawks 35

    49ers 24
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  • So we will win.

    Hawks 24
    Niners 16
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  • Geno Smith gets his first TD pass as a Seahawk.
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  • Can't help but think this game is closer than expected. Geno may play, but may be only a series or two.

    49ers will put up a fight, especially on defense. Should be Robert Saleh's last game in San Francisco, and that defense (what's left) will be amped up. That said, our defense will flex it's muscle and win 24-10.
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  • 24-10 Seattle, never in doubt. The D looks good and dominant. RW is out the 2nd half and the Digits score a late TD while Smith passes for a TD after a long 4th Q drive. 12-4, better than last season and ready for the tournament.

    Sadly b/c of the Giants loss they’ll need to wait to see if Chicago and Carolina can help the team to a 1st round bye.
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  • Seattle: 28
    San Francisco: 3
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  • Going into the 4th quarter:

    Seahawks 27
    49ers 6


    Seahawks 27
    49ers 20

    As usual, it'll look closer than it really is because KNJ (on PC's order) will go soft defense in the final quarter. The Rams game was a fluke ending that we won't get to enjoy again.
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  • SoulfishHawk wrote:Hawks 26-16

    very nice. Any stock tips?
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  • 8)
    If it wasn't for the typical game in hand, let them go get the garbage time touchdown, it would have been on the money. As frustrating as it is, they won and that's really what matters. The first 3 quarters sucked a**
    But, 3 straight TD's when it mattered in the 4th. I'll take it.
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  • Seahawks 26-23 :D
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