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TY FOR getting Reed, Jamal, Carson, and Penny hurt

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  • What a pointless freaking game other than to beat the hell out of our team for the playoffs.
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  • Carson really got injured?
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  • Were they serious?

    I mean, watching the game the only concerning one was Adams. The rest seemed very minor.
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  • If they sit Penny for every game he won't get hurt.
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  • Penny had Cramps. Carson had a cut on his ear.


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  • Adams and Reed looked serious.
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  • Carson probably would have gotten hurt somehow anyway.

    At least with the Reed injury, we still have Snacks... oh wait.
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  • Who should they have played instead?

    You still have to field a team
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  • Carson's doing the post-game press conference, and says he's fine.
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  • It just never stops... Everyone knows more than the coaches do. Too bad everyone can't just enjoy the game....
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  • And this is why you keep Snacks active and not Penny Hart.
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  • Mizak wrote:Carson really got injured?

    He got a cut on the ear lol, Penny looks like he just had a cramp but I think I was a little more impressed with Alex Collins anyway, Reed's injury to me looked the most serious-Adams probably banged up his shoulder again and Pete probably told him to sit down which obviously you could tell he was not happy about.
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  • stang233 wrote:What a pointless freaking game other than to beat the hell out of our team for the playoffs.

    I mean ya, Carson had to get a band-aid and everything 8)
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  • I expect this kind of topic from SCH ..Overblown dramatic reaction.
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  • This was not a meaningless game. In the 4th quarter the Bears were only down 5 to GB and had 1st and 10 at ~GB30. There was still a chance at the #2 seed.

    The Seahawks injuries occurred before GB got a handle on the game (3:47 remaining 4th qtr).
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  • Everyone just needs to calm down. We are losing 5 in a row!

    Would of we played the Cardinals if they would of won?
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  • zchurch74 wrote:Everyone just needs to calm down. We are losing 5 in a row!

    Would of we played the Cardinals if they would of won?

    :lol: :lol:
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  • Cyrus12 wrote:Adams and Reed looked serious.

    So serious they came back and played...
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  • Nicely done zchurch :irishdrinkers:

    What a dramatic post.....all 3 of those guys will be playing on Saturday.
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    A team can only dress 46 of 53 players per game, 48 players IF 8 of them are offensive linemen.

    Everyone is going to play no matter what the team's record is.
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