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I'm dreading this game vs the Rams

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Re: I'm dreading this game vs the Rams
Tue Jan 05, 2021 6:45 am
  • LTH wrote:
    Ramfan128 wrote:
    LTH wrote:
    Ramfan128 wrote:This is one of the rare playoff games where almost every fan on both sides expects their team to win.

    I think the Rams have more talent than Seattle overall, problem is Goff. I calculated it the other day and he's either taken away (turnover in scoring range) or gifted (turnover for TD or in scoring range for the opponent) to a point differential of over 70. Our defense has allowed 4.6 yards per play this year which is near LOB level good - but thanks to Goff the scoring defense doesn't look nearly as good.

    He torched Seattle once and he played like $h!t once. My guess is McVay will use this opportunity to make Seattle prep for both QBs since their styles are so different.

    We'll have Whitworth back (I think) which will help. Expecting the Rams to win whoever the QB is.

    Wolford has no experience thats a big shoes to fill in a playoff game ... If the Seahawks can get to him they are going to shake him up and he will make mistakes... they Hawks D played very well against Murray...

    How good can Goff be with a broken Hand?

    I think The Rams have to score over 27 points to beat the Hawks... You think that's possible?


    We've held Seattle to 13 points in both meetings until late in the 4th quarter - first game they got a FG in a prevent d situation, 2nd game a game clinching TD drive. Gave up 20 and 16 total.

    I think the defense will show up and Rams just need to score 17 points to win.

    But if Goff plays, he can always Goff it. He's due for a bounce back game though.

    I guess there is sense to be made from what you are saying only the seahawks, last I checked were in the top 3 scoring in the 4th quarter and after last game they are probably number 1... did you watch the Seahawks Niner game when the Hawks just destroyed the Niner D with 3 TDS in the 4th? That's the Hawks thing is to win it in the 4th...

    to beat the Hawks the Rams are going to have to have a monster game on the ground and I just don't see it happening... I could be wrong but I just don't see it ... the last game the Rams had that one run for 23 yards with the exception to that they were held to 85 yards... Now it might be a different story with Ayers (spelling?) coming back if he is back... and if J reed is out and Jamal adams that might be an issue for the Hawks but I agree to disagree they are going to have to score more than 20 to win...


    I'd expect nothing less from a Rams and Seahawks fan.

    My logic all hinges on things stopping going wrong - by yards the Rams had a better offense and defense than Seattle.

    If you do nothing else but reduce Goff's horrific turnovers by just two, were 12-4 and NFCW champs - while any team can change a play or two and do this, I'm pointing it out because with a league average QB were probably a 12 win team, and Goff was arguably one if the worst QBs this year because of those turnovers.

    From my perspective, at some point McVays message about ball security will get through and we will have a turnover free game. Or at least that's my only hope.

    From your perspective, how will the Rams have a turnover free game when they've turned the ball over in every game this season? Totally get it.
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Re: I'm dreading this game vs the Rams
Tue Jan 05, 2021 7:18 am
  • Wolford is the wild card in this game . The Hawks have nothing on him to prepare for other than he he is mobile and effective at it . The Hawks D have problems with QBs like that . If he plays of course . We know that the Rams D will show up .
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Re: I'm dreading this game vs the Rams
Tue Jan 05, 2021 7:56 am
  • Nothinbutm wrote:
    renofox wrote:
    Nothinbutm wrote:
    renofox wrote:I think PC/KNJ finally have the Ram's offense figured out, and PC will let Schotty plan a shorter pass game due to the Ram's notorious Dline. They got this.

    We just saw in their win v. the Cardinals that their offense now has a different dynamic with Wolford as their QB. He is definitely not Goff.

    I thought Goff was supposed to be back next week? Heard that somewhere, can't remember where.

    I'm not entirely sure where you read that. All the publications I've read have said the Rams have no idea if Goff will be back or not. ... -seahawks/ ... s-seahawks

    Honestly, what I saw from Wolford was a little concerning. The Cardinals are without a doubt ending their season in a downward slope, but some of the plays Wolfie made convinced me that if he plays like that again then it's definitely going to be an extremely tight game.

    While Wolford is very mobile QB, look at the results against the AZ. He led the Ram offense to a total of 9 points. The rest of the scoring came from their D -- a pick-six and a safety.

    Wolford completed 57% of his passes, with 6.1 yards per attempt. We're not talking Peyton Manning here. We're not even talking Kyler Murray, and it's safe to say Wolford does not have Murray's athleticism.

    I would actually be more concerned if we had to face Wolford with no game footage. But Pete has enough there to work up a scheme to control him. Like Murray, keep a spy on him, take away his runs, and make him beat us with his arm. Hoping Jamal Adams is back.

    The Ram D is more of a concern, they are indeed very good in that dept. But I think this may end up as a 10-6 game, I'll put my money on Russ here, and we'll come out on top. It's the playoffs, and an experienced QB puts us in a much better position than an inexperienced one.
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Re: I'm dreading this game vs the Rams
Tue Jan 05, 2021 8:01 am
  • At least we know that if the Hawks win, the excuses will be flying all week. I mean, it would be the "only" reason the Hawks could beat the mighty Rams. Even though they just did, WITH Goff. :?
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Re: I'm dreading this game vs the Rams
Tue Jan 05, 2021 8:18 am
  • Maulbert wrote:
    pittpnthrs wrote:
    jamescasey1124 wrote:
    Maulbert wrote:
    The fix was in on the Titans game. Titans closed to 5, and the refs ignored GB's running back clearly stepping out of bounds.

    Oh no..
    I saw that and the supposedly offside on a blocked field goal attempt. You are not helping his argument of GB beat down on the titans. Haha.

    Packers beat a team thats 11-5 by 26 points and people are getting their jollies from it and making light of them. :34853_doh:


    Try again bozos. Packers and refs beat the titans badly. Re watch that game. We already listed 2 miscalls in that game and there were plenty more.

    I'd rather be a donkey than slobbering on another team. If you want keep sucking off the pack. Dont worry you will be eating words so you can come back and cheer for the team that will beat them.
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Re: I'm dreading this game vs the Rams
Tue Jan 05, 2021 8:48 am
  • Jerhawk wrote:
    HellaciousSloth wrote:
    Jerhawk wrote:Remember this one? Hasselbeck threw a gut wrenching incompletion to Engram in the endzone at the end of the game, completing a 3 game sweep of us that season.

    I think you should watch that play again. While it was the QB that threw the ball it was Engram, who usually has sure hands, that dropped the game winner.

    Oh I remember that play very well. It wouldve been a very difficult catch.
    Catchable for Engram no doubt. The way Hasselbeck side armed it in there i thought he had a chance.

    It was a gut wrenching incompletion I don't really blame Hass or Engram, they just couldn't connect there.

    Was a great throw where only 1 guy could catch it and Bobby had two hands on it in perfect position and it just didn’t happen. My whole point was that the throw was good and instead of saying Hass threw an incompletion say Engram dropped the ball.
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Re: I'm dreading this game vs the Rams
Tue Jan 05, 2021 6:25 pm
  • RolandDeschain wrote:The number of people here who think Sean McVay isn't a coach who will rapidly adapt after seeing us FINALLY shutdown their offense a mere few weeks ago boggles my mind. He's not Pete Carroll who will live and die by the same offensive formula no matter what.

    McVay isn't that great at adapting, it's actually the big knock on him right now after his SB collapse.
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Re: I'm dreading this game vs the Rams
Tue Jan 05, 2021 6:41 pm
  • HawkStrong wrote:McVay isn't that great at adapting, it's actually the big knock on him right now after his SB collapse.

    I get that. However, I also believe it's primarily due to the limitations of the guy that claims he's an NFL starting-caliber quarterback but is highly questionable to fill that job role at best. ;)
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