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Pete needs to go or let Russ take over.

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Pete needs to go or let Russ take over.
Sat Jan 09, 2021 8:09 pm
  • Everyone or a lot will disagree with this sentiment. It IMO its not Russell’s problem he’s been struggling or the offense has no identity. But Peteball isn’t working. Period.

    Russell yes was cooking and moved the ball, the offense had an identity at the start of the season. It was balanced and Pete let Russell show off. Carson goes down, the defense starts getting injured and becomes MIA, so what happened? Russell unfortunately tried too hard to put the team on his back and caused turn overs, some avoidable.

    Carson comes back and Pete then changes Midseason the identity. Since Carson came back the offense lost its groove and regressed ALOT. Since the defense “clicked” (laughably imo to lesser opponents) Pete relied on the old “Lynch style run game and defense” the only problem with that was, Carson sure as hell isn’t lynch, and the defense isn’t under average, with a very inept DC who tries harder to give games away than to keep the ball away from the opponent.

    Pete has “Yes” men under him with KNJ and Schotty. I don’t want to see Russ traded, however it’s clear that here in Seattle while Pete remains, Russell’s talent is wasted because Pete trusts a subpar running back who can’t stay healthy to carry the team with an OC who can’t get creative over a Qb who in 2 minute drills and broken comms (when communication is damn near zilch) March the team down the field.

    Pete needs to go. He won’t, and we’ll get to see another implosion from within like we did the defensive side of the ball in the LOB. Pete would rather cater to his yes men coaches than giving Russell the command like Rogers, Manning, Brady probably even Bress has to call the plays. Yes I blame Pete. You all can disagree, but go back and look how freely Wilson was able to do his own thing. Even after Carson was gone. The Minute he came back, Pete forced his way.
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