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Through the years......

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Through the years......
Sun Jan 10, 2021 1:41 pm
  • I do not post often, so bear with me.....

    I've been a loyal 'Hawk fan since the teams inception. I grew up 20 minutes from Cheney WA and spent a larger amount of my time in the summer watching Training camp.....those were the days!

    Some other memories......

    The '83 team. First team to make the playoffs, upset the top seeded Dolphins on the road, you guys know the rest.

    '84. One of the more exciting teams ever...... Lose Curt Warner in the opener, won 12 games with an awesome defense, special teams and a big play passing attack. Coach Chuck Knox took the reigns off Dave Kreig after Warner went down, so it shows an "old dog" can chage if they want to!

    '86. Team beat both Super Bowl participants, did not make the playoffs at 10-6.

    Somewhere around 88-89....Coach Knox again tries to get "up with the times" implements the run and shoot. It lasted a few games. Not a disaster, but not good.

    The post Knox years: The real dark times. Got to watch the waste of Cortez Kennedy's career , the one day move to LA, Tom Flores, Ken Behring, Dan McGwire, Kelly Stouffer, Rick Mirer. :pukeface:

    The Dennis Erickson years: Underachieving at its best. Rosters loaded with talent. These teams found ways to lose! On year, IIRC, they lost 6 games directly due to special teams returns of kicks getting blocked!

    Holmgren: Those bad uniforms! We think Pete is stubborn with Pete ball! 2005 , Big Mike finally decided to utilize a great OL and ran the ball.

    Jim Mora: "Dirtbags" enough said.

    The Pete years: Feel like in some ways the 48 win spoiled many of us, or more likely, set the bar much higher!

    Hang in there Hawk fans! They've got a few more bites at the apple before it will need to be completely blown up!
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