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Wilson: “I love playing for Seattle. Loved it for years”

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  • ...come on, now. This is getting really, really silly.

    He used present tense in the preceding sentence, and clearly in the context of his statement, he's essentially saying "I HAVE loved it for years."

    Unless this is tongue-in-cheek. In which case, lol nice
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  • I think it'd benefit this ongoing conversation for this thread to be killed and for it to be incorporated into one of the threads purporting Wilson's displeasure (and several of those could be combined). Just my .02. But I rubbed 'em together, and they're real polished.
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  • He is also separating “Seattle Seahawks”. Notice the quote mention Seattle but not the Seahawks. When asked about trade rumors, he said “That’s a Seahawks question” not a Seattle Seahawks question.
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  • If traded to another team, will Russ still end every interview with, “GO HAWKS!” ??

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  • When he got the Man of the Year award, he didn't thank the Seahawks. Very eye opening
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  • Reading between the lines is one way to find whatever you want to.
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  • Appyhawk wrote:Reading between the lines is one way to find whatever you want to.

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