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Malcom Smith

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Malcom Smith
Sun Feb 21, 2021 9:12 am
  • Sports Illustrated came out with a story about the Seahawks potentially bringing back former Super Bowl MVP Malcom Smith. Especially if KJ leaves. Are you guys for it? He had maybe the best season of his career last year. ... iliar-face
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Re: Malcom Smith
Sun Feb 21, 2021 9:39 am
  • Sure, as long as it's a team friendly deal and doesn't take away any playing time from Brooks.
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Re: Malcom Smith
Sun Feb 21, 2021 9:59 am
  • Jerhawk wrote:Sure, as long as it's a team friendly deal and doesn't take away any playing time from Brooks.

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Re: Malcom Smith
Sun Feb 21, 2021 10:26 pm
  • Isn’t the theory behind this potential transaction that he would be the replacement body for KJ and not just a pure add.

    Somehow, I doubt it but I suppose adding back Sherm has as much traction. More than one of the ‘old band’ are available, but getting the band back together is long past. He’d be a step backwards and I’d rather see the new guys try if KJ is gone in FA.

    Anything is possible however.
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Re: Malcom Smith
Sun Feb 21, 2021 10:46 pm
  • KJ is playing SAM & Brooks is playing WILL. Brooks is built like a Mike and played Mike final year in college. Cody Barton is a Mike & really good on passing downs. Brooks is really good at run defense & getting better at pass defense. Between Brooks 1st & 2nd down & Barton 3rd down we have Bobby Wagner replaced. Near future Brooks starting MLB, Barton back up MLB & back up SAM.

    BBK is a WILL but will have injury issues due to his size!

    Malcom Smith is a Will, if they sign him, it means BBK’s future is special teams (I doubt it) or they might trade Bobby Wager.

    Raiders would be wise to offer at least their 2021 Round 1 pick to Seattle for BW. BW is exactly what the Raiders need to fix their issues.
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Re: Malcom Smith
Mon Feb 22, 2021 9:19 pm
  • IDK, teams good enough to be above average, not good enough to really advance through the play off's.. if that's good enough, yeah bring him in. Only solution I really see is, to go through like what the 9ers did, lose some expensive baggage, suck like hell for 4 or 5 years ,do good with High 1st rounders and come back... else we are in mediocre doldrums..
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Re: Malcom Smith
Tue Feb 23, 2021 7:56 am
  • No...another desperate attempt of recapturing some magic from the sb era. Pass.
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Re: Malcom Smith
Tue Feb 23, 2021 4:38 pm
  • He was ok, like 10 years ago. Hell to the no.
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