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Grading the Seahawks first week of free agency

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  • I'd give them an A- the only thing they need to complete the offseason is resigning Dunlap. Of course i'd live to see KJ back but i'm ok with giving Barton a shot if we can't get a deal done.
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  • C Overpaid for a TE (again) that will be irrelevant, signed a CB thats worse than the one that left, signed a guard that scored in the 60's, resigned Pocic who is mediocre at best, and saved themselves by resigning Carson. Oh, and they gave up another draft pick which leaves them with 3.

    Still need a pass rusher - desperately
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  • I am satisfied as well as long there some pass-rush veterans coming into the mix.

    Carson may not be respected by non-Seahawks fans and FF peeps but he is by defensive players that have to battle against him on the field. Carson is a big part of the dream for what Pete Carroll wants in a smash-mouth run game and Wilson is just a much better QB with Carson in the huddle. It’ll be interesting to see if Waldron can get Carson into space through a successful scheme rather than Carson earning his toughness.

    Speaking of Waldron’s scheme, there was doubts, if this team had enough personnel especially at TE to attack the middle of the field similar to the Ram’s scheme. So getting Everett imo was vital and is impactful to getting Waldron’s vision to Pete’s vision of getting Carson back. Everett is fun because unlike most guys we sign he has a higher ceiling and the potential to be dangerous with his opportunity to work with Russ and Waldron as a weapon with this offense.

    My favorite move is trading for Gabe Jackson. This is a bonafide pass-blocker OG, probably the best one on paper we’ve seen in a Seahawks jersey since Steve Hutchinson. This helps Wilson. This helps Brown. This helps Pocic and thus on. I think he’s a tremendous upgrade from Iuputi in terms of fitness and pass-blocking. Jackson isn’t known as force as run-blocker but he has familiarity with scheme Seahawks want to run on paper making his transition easier.

    Poona deserve his raise. As did Bellore.

    I’m fine with Witherspoon in the mix as long as he’s maximizing the opportunity, bless him with some Carroll DB dust, and he could be just as effective as Shaq, imo, and it helps him having DJ Reed also here to bro it up.
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  • Did anyone know prior to signing Gabe Jackson that he got a game suspension for stomping on Suh? Don’t know what happened there but it’d seem to be the case he doesn’t take much guff from players with nasty reps. I knew only that he was a good OG who was strong in pass pro. This is a key addition He’s a big nasty and will look nice blocking for RW. :2thumbs: It is clear a C is still critically needed.

    For grading at mid-term JS gets a solid A- and has show promise and patience. However, there is still lots to get done as things are quite incomplete. Re-signing Dunlap would be brilliant as he’d not count against the comp formula, finding another CB like Dunbar who was a bust last season and may turn out to be priced right would also be a significant W for the same reason and that he could be a player who had an off year with his slow start and the injury spoiled any chance of him showing his abilities here last season. Dunbar would be insurance for LCB and Witherspoon. If JS can get those 2 re-upped he should be assured of a high grade at the end. At present though if this is it he’d only get a skinny pass because as said things are incomplete.

    The defence still needs help at DE and CB and the team could benefit greatly from having those two back.

    The cap realities faced by the team are of course limiting a speedy resolution of fixing the holes but patience here may reap a nice reward.
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