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I predict some practice fights this season...

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  • They're getting back to belligerence, and it's overdue.
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  • Maelstrom787 wrote:

    They're getting back to belligerence, and it's overdue.

    This should be interesting to watch day one, Brown also says he is faster then DK.

    They better not pull any Hammies proving this.
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  • I'm sure the first time Lestage pushes someone to the ground and flops on them, there will be [words].
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  • Hopefully, but Lestage won’t be as big and bad in the NFL. He’ll be around grown men now. In a couple years, he’ll be mauling people. Let him gain 15 lbs of muscle.
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  • I miss the nastiness of the L.O.B. and teams of yesteryear.

    In the words of the great Jim Mora Jr, we need dirt bags
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  • I remember Sherm was always trash talking with Russ at practice, getting under his skin. We....Russ, needs that again.
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