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Mike Detillier's post draft breakdown

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Mike Detillier's post draft breakdown
Tue May 04, 2021 12:11 am
  • I found this post on Ive been a fan of Mike Detillier's draft guide for a long time. He is the Cajun Mel Kiper. According to this breakedown the Hawks did pretty good for what it's worth. Seattle was 4th best, AZ was 11th,
    SF 13th and LA was 32nd.

    This is something I've done for the past two years so if you remember these opening couple paragraphs, you can just look at the rankings.

    Every year, Mike Detillier does a fantastic draft guide, going over hundreds of prospects before the draft.

    I spent a few hours on a spreadsheet going over every pick from every team and averaging out the drafted players' grade in Mike D's Draft Report.

    I want to say I think draft grades are dumb. Judging a player before they even play is dumb. There is no way to know how good a team's draft is. I just thought it would be interesting.

    First a few things:
    Some players I sadley could not find in his guide. This does not mean those players are not in there, but I could not find them. It is a huge guide. If you find them, please let me know and I will change the overall grade. If I could not find a player, they automatically got a 16.00 grade. This year we only had three which is much less than usual. Here are the players I could not find:
    Kene Nwangwu, RB, Iowa State (Vikings, Rd 4, Pk 119)
    Michael Carter II, CB, Purdue (Jets, Rd 5, Pk 154)
    Kawaan Baker, WR, South Alabama (Saints, Rd 7, Pk 255)
    Please do not take this as mine or Mike D's actual opinions on these drafts.
    There are some flaws with this system. It doesn't take into account when you took a player or the value of other players on the board at the time. Also, if a team has more later round picks, they are more likely to get a lower grade, even if they find some great value there.
    In the end this is all just for fun. Don't take it too seriously. Draft grades are dumb.
    If you want to check out last year's rankings, you can check them out here: ... st-8034304
    Well, here are the grades I got. The higher the number the better (obviously):
    Detroit Lions (18.61)
    Philadelphia Eagles (18.31)
    Jacksonville Jaguars (18.30)
    Seattle Seahawks (18.29)
    Miami Dolphins (18.25)
    Cleveland Browns (18.16)
    Cincinnati Bengals (18.15)
    Kansas City Chiefs (18.10)
    New York Giants (18.08)
    Las Vegas Raiders (18.06)
    Arizona Cardinals (18.05)
    Baltimore Ravens (18.04)
    San Francisco 49ers (18.04)
    Atlanta Falcons (18.03)
    Tennessee Titans (18.02)
    Denver Broncos (18.02)
    Chicago Bears (17.97)
    Carolina Panthers (17.97)
    New England Patriots (17.93)
    Green Bay Packers (17.86)
    Buffalo Bills (17.85)
    New York Jets (17.83)
    Minnesota Vikings (17.80)
    Houston Texans (17.80)
    Los Angeles Chargers (17.79)
    Dallas Cowboys (17.72)
    Indianapolis Colts (17.70)
    Washington Football Team (17.69)
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers (17.63)
    New Orleans Saints (17.62)
    Pittsburgh Steelers (17.60)
    Los Angeles Rams (17.38)

    Some Fun Facts:
    The Saints were the only team to not pick a player rated 19.00 or higher. That includes teams like the Rams, Chiefs, Seahawks, and Texans who did not have first round picks.
    The Saints were eighth in the rankings last year. This is the lowest they have been ranked since I began doing these.
    The Seahawks, Browns, and Chiefs are the only playoff teams to make the top ten.
    The Seahawks only made three picks totaled but still had a good draft according to this admittedly weak metric.
    The top undrafted free agents and where they signed:
    Marvin Wilson, DT, Florida State: CLE
    Dylan Moses, ILB, Alabama: JAX
    Alaric Jackson, OT, Iowa: LAR
    David Moore, OG, Grambling: CAR
    Trevon Grimes, WR, Florida: PHI
    Darius Stills, DT, West Virginia: LV
    Charles Snowden, DE, Virginia: CHI
    Sadarius Hutcherson, OG, South Carolina: TB
    Drake Jackson, OC, Kentucky: DET
    Sage Surratt, WR, Wake Forest: DET
    Tuf Borland, ILB, Ohio State: MIN
    Tyler Vaughns, WR, USC: IND
    Cade Johnson, WR, South Dakota State: SEA
    Jamie Newman, QB, Georgia: PHI
    Foster Sarell, OT, Stanford: BAL
    Justin Hilliard, OLB, Ohio State: SF
    Tim Jones, WR, Southern Miss: JAX
    Ar'Darius Washington, S, TCU: BAL
    Jaret Patterson, RB, Buffalo: WAS
    Tommy Kraemer, OG, Notre Dame: DET
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  • Thanks for doing this, fun stuff :D
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