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This fanbase needs a good year or three of suffering

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  • That is all.
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  • Unfortunately it's true, it's true from the HC all the way down to us, the "12's".

    We've become less loud, less supportive, more whiney, and those are all common symptoms of bandwagon/populous fandom. Every decade or so, unless you have the best coach in history, the chaff needs to be burned away by a few dumpster season, the fans remaining are actually fans.

    We're rebuilding now whether we like it or not, front office needs to take action now, intensely. Complete one-season overhauls do happen, it can happen, there is real talent on this roster. We may have to take a loss and recoup some picks for Jamal in trade.

    Do it now, go nuts, now. We can win next year, get draft picks and fix the o-line/d-line (we found a LCB!!!), keep John Schneider, replace coaches with geniuses who know exactly what to do with Russ. Go. Win.
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  • Losers appreciate mediocrity.

    That is all.
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