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Aros' Fearless Prediction Thread (@ Washington)

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  • How much pride does this 2021 team have? I hear the players called a meeting. We shall see if it meant anything come this Sunday. Right now my optimism is at an all-time low.

    Aros' Fearless Prediction: Seahawks 17 - Washington 24

    Aros' Fearless Record: 5-5
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  • Washington - 23
    Seattle - 13
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  • Another 3 point loss.
    Hawks 13 - WFT 16
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  • 2 - 11 third down conversions.
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  • 17-13 Hawks, I just can't see them losing a third game in a row... but maybe I am crazy
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  • What good is it? We can't run the ball. We lose.
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  • My mighty Seahawks 16

    Washington 23

    My record 3-7

    The seahawks have to be commit to running the ball, otherwise they will be listening to Barry Manalows weekend in new England. Tears !

    ***Editted score*** 23 & 27, 16 & 23.
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  • At this point even i am pretty frustrated...I'm really trying to stay optimistic as I hope they work this out I can see that losing Carson for the season, Russ getting hurt... issues with Russ's play, having a new O and coordinator, plus they way the schedule fell GB and AZ back to back while the Hawks are trying to turn this thing around is a very difficult thing to turn around and over come.

    I've always said it's not winning that necessarily makes you great it's over coming issues in the face of adversity that makes one great and I think this is an excellent time for Carroll to show us what that looks like...this could actually be one of Carrolls finest coaching moments...I m sure nobody will agree with me...

    I still think they will turn it around

    Hawks 13- WFT 10
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  • I want to believe that Seattle can win, but going on the road to play a night game in DC will be tough. Rivera will have his guys jacked up to play a tough grinding game. Russ and crew will play hard, but come up short. This game may get chippy.

    The Washington….. 16
    Hawks …………….. 13
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  • Redskins 16 Seahawks 6

    Cant see Seattle winning this. They are too busy arguing among themselves. Russ is making sure he does not get injured as he is trying to get traded to a team with a decent shot at the Super Bowl.
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  • Hawks 20
    Wash 17
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  • Hawks 23-20. This team needs a win in the worst way. Get it done.
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