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  • Matt Hasselbeck talks about the Seahawks, and in this podcast, Salk plays back some Aaron Rodgers talking about how the Seahawks Defense was tough to play against.

    The Matt Hasselbeck Show 11/17/2021

    Matt Hasselbeck discusses whether Russell Wilson's finger had an impact on Sunday's game, how impressed he was with the defense, and his thoughts on the officiating. Plus, he gives us his most memorable trick plays in Ranked. ... =Mike+Salk

    The Matt Hasselbeck Show 11/24/2021

    Matt Hasselbeck joins for his weekly appearance and starts by discussing what it feels like in the locker room when your team is 3-7, plus what he thinks is going on with the Seahawks offense.

    He shares some Thanksgiving football memories and "turkey bowl" tips for people trying to get featured on TV, ending with his Top 5 Thanksgiving Hosts from his playing days in Seattle. ... =Mike+Salk

    The Matt Hasselbeck Show 11/10/2021

    Seahawks Legend Matt Hasselbeck joins the Mike Salk Show every Wednesday for a full hour of stories, insider perspective and his thoughts on the news of the week.

    As always, the Matt Hasselbeck Show ends with RANKED - and with the potential for snow in the forecast of SEA vs GB - this week is all about playing conditions. ... =Mike+Salk
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  • :bump: ....... so nobody has to go thru the agony of reading down thru the 1st page to locate these informative and entertaining links posted by the thoughtful "ivotuk"
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