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Pleasantly Surprised!

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Pleasantly Surprised!
Mon Feb 10, 2020 12:26 am
  • I admit I came into this past weekend expecting all fluff and no substance. Players who were clearly sub-par, obviously not meant for a 53 man roster in the NFL. Bright lights shining on players never meant for those bright lights.

    Then kickoff happened. From the inaugural game with our Dragons, I saw talent right from the start. The hits? The hits were OUTSTANDING! Maybe not if momma is watching, but wow, I instantly realized these players are not messing around. I saw plays made that were every bit as good as any NFL play I saw this past season and that is saying a lot.

    Yes, I realize the NFL is still the cream of the crop, and if the Kansas City Chiefs played the, say, LA Wildcats it would be a sh#t show awfully quick, but the fact is, these are players who can play in the NFL.

    Love seeing our boy Jimmy coaching on the sideline. We need Steve Largent to complete the equation and be a supporting cast, lol.


    (or as my neighbor already calls them: SEADRAGONS!)
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Re: Pleasantly Surprised!
Mon Feb 10, 2020 12:32 pm
  • I have season tickets to the New York guardians because I live out here on the East Coast. I have to admit this ,the football was great the crowds were great everything about it was really really good I was really surprised at how well it was played. The clubhouse seats that I got I couldn’t even sniff if it was an NFL game. With that said I can easily see the Seattle dragons having a biggest fan base in the XFL by far . I know how Seattle supports its teams with love excitement and vigor ! I’ll be rooting for the Dragons and the Guardians .
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