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Taking the Dragons flyer, with daughter Saturday vs. Dal

Welcome Seattle Dragons and XFL. More Football! LANGUAGE: PG-13
  • So I took the Dragons flyer, for 4 season tickets, starting with tomorrow's game vs. Dallas.
    I couldn't resist, given that season tix were $20/game/seat, which, at last check, *might* buy me 1 nosebleed Seahawks ticket for the price of these 4 season tix.

    Me and my GF will be going, but I haven't checked with my daughters and their SO's yet to book with them.
    So I will probably have 2 extra tickets for the the Dallas game.


    I'm glad to know the millenials so far are giving the XFL and the Dragons a chance to demonstrate their coolness!
    Thanks to all who have posted so far about the Dragons to give a sense of what the games would be like.

    Any PNW based .NET members want to check out this XFL thing? PM me here to arrange. Subject to prior "sale" or a daughter's change of heart. My CPA daughter is starting busy (tax) season and said not interested.

    "Price" of the tix will be a face-value donation to the Seahawks.NET GoFundMe fundraiser.
    Free with the tickets is approx. 3 hours of sparkling company, well, at least sparkling if my GF and I wear our sequined Dragons hats.

    EDIT: The sequined Dragons hats was supposed to be a joke. My crochet-er GF saw my post and is now sending me for yarn and sequins.
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  • How did you like it? Got any good gameday pictures to share?
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  • The first half was OK, and the Dragons defense was OK, even good, but the second half was downright depressing from mid 3rd quarter on. The Dragons QB Silvers is a bit of a stiff anyway, but I recall one series where there were 3 straight drops resulting in a 3 and out, so he wasn't getting a lot of help.

    The offense is approaching unwatchable. Silvers does not look like an answer, only a question.
    We'll see if BJ Daniels can give it some life. He looked good in St. Louis, signs of life.

    My GF had v1.0 of the Dragons crochet hat nearly done, in Dragons colors with a dragon-scale texture pattern. We'll see how that goes.

    It was nice to take in a game at the CLink and hang out with my millenial kids in a venue near the stadium and not have it be an overcrowded madhouse. So that part was great.

    Lots of people wearing dragon costumes, and a Game of Thrones Danaerys Targerian impersonator in the house. Heck, Seattle is such a free-wheeling place, that some fans were wearing their strap-ons at the game. Pictures later, I promise.
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  • OK, I mentioned some open-minded people at the game were wearing strap-ons, and promised pictures.
    Here ya go. Strap-on dragon wings. I'm not sure about the safety of those pointed tips with regard to the eye of the guy or gal in the next seat, but they were allowing these strap-ons in through the front gate.
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