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Former Seattle Seahawks DE Frank Clark loses cousin to coron

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    Former Seattle Seahawks DE Frank Clark loses cousin to coronavirus

    Former Seattle Seahawks defensive end Frank Clark announced this week that a cousin of his died after contracting the novel coronavirus.

    Clark, who helped the Chiefs win a Super Bowl this past February, identified his late cousin by sharing a story of his passing from The Plain Dealer.

    Gregory Clark Jr., who served as a corrections officer and pastor in Cleveland, died after a nearly two-month battle with the virus, according to the piece.
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  • This is politics?
    Uncle Si
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  • I kinda didn't know where to put this, Si.

    I thought NFL Nation, but it's about his cousin. So I was thinking Lounge, but then the whole context of the story is that the cousin is presumably an age-peer mate of Clark's, and supposed to be one of these "low-risk" people who supposedly will be fine from the 'rona. Which is a topic that has been discussed most fully in Politics.

    So I figured with Clark involved and it being a local story, it'd gain interest but if it belongs elsewhere than in Politics, I understand that too.
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  • Didn`t he lose his dad and/or other family members in a house fire a few years back?
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  • He was 46, and had a recent history of leukemia. While age is no longer considered an independent risk factor, the leukemia history does put him at elevated risk for morbidity and mortality, and his demographics put him at an elevated risk for other comorbidities.

    Not to suggest that low risk people don't die from this disease. Although their morbidity and mortality is markedly lower, I don’t think anyone is claiming that it is zero. Just pointing out that he was not a low-risk patient.

    That's a lot of tragedy for one young man. I feel for him, and hope he can keep his head on straight.
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