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Ian Rapoport gets suspended by nfl ... reason why below

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  • The statement, tweeted shortly thereafter by Rapoport, created plenty of questions and speculation regarding the contents of the post. The truth is much more innocuous, and it makes the league seem unreasonable for its decision to suspend Rapoport for two weeks, presumably without pay.

    Per multiple reports, which PFT has confirmed, Rapoport posted a commercial for Manscaped, a device intended to groom the male groin, on Instagram. Rapoport’s colleague, Jane Slater, then posted it on Twitter. Within a day, the video had disappeared; it quickly became clear that the deletion related to the league’s reaction. ... two-weeks/

    We've been hearing about the care and feeding and viagriazing the male area forever and now they suspend their announcer for uh, endorsing shaving tools for it?
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  • Bob from Extenze is still my hero.
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  • bob dole from the original viagra ad was ok.

    Whatever, this guy wants to enhance an intimate male shaving product and people are mad?
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  • Its clearly not the content nor the company, but that he struck a deal on his own and without NFL clearance.
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  • I was offended by his post.
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  • Well from the same story Florio says this...

    The content of the ad, delivered from Rapoport’s usual in-home broadcast position for NFL Network, contained the usual puns and campy content that makes indirect and direct reference to the purpose of the product. But the league can’t credibly wag a finger at the association; the 49ers announced in June that Manscaped had become the “Below The Waist Grooming Partner” of the 49ers.

    Logic suggests that there was an issue with Rapoport doing a deal directly with Manscaped without receiving all appropriate clearances and permissions from the league.

    And then this:

    Rapoport’s conduct, in contrast, seems tamer than a slightly overgrown thicket of human hair. While he may have violated business rules relating to when and how on-air talent can cut their own deals, it seems that there could be a remedy short of whacking him for two weeks.

    I have to agree, of all the things the NFL could (and often should) suspend people for, this seems kinda lame.
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  • Seems petty and stupid but rules are rules. All of my places of employment had/have stupid rules.
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