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Green Bay at Chicago, New Orleans at Carolina

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  • Huge games!

    Seahawks win + Bears win = Seahawks #2 seed
    Seahawks win + Panthers win = Seahawks #2 seed
    Seahawks win + Bears win + Panthers win = Seahawks #1 seed :179417:

    Bonus: Bears win + Cards win = Rams out of playoffs :twisted:

    Both are home Division games for the underdogs, so their chances are higher than might be expected.

    Putting on my Seahawks goggles, I see:

    Packers last 6 games include a road loss to the Colts, a single score road win against the Lions, and a single score home win against the Panthers. Not playing consistently excellent football.

    Bears have 3 consecutive wins - a 29pt win against the Texans, a 6pt win against the Vikings, and a 24pt win against the Jags. No powerhouse teams but they're taking care of business.

    Saints last 4 games include a 5pt win over the Falcons and 3pt losses to the Eagles and Chiefs. Not exactly on fire. In their home game against the Panthers they squeaked out a 27-24 win.

    Panthers only have 2 wins in their last 5 games but their last game they played well, defeating WFT 20-13. Their 3 losses were all 1 score games to @Packers, Vikings, @Broncos. Their other win was a 20-0 drubbing of the Lions.

    So I'm saying there's a chance!

    GO BEARS!!!


    Note: All games that have an affect on NFC seeding will be afternoon games, except Falcons at Bucs which only matters for seeding between Rams/Bucs (5/6 or 6/5 with Bears 7) if Rams defeat Cards.
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  • Hope springs eternal. Doesn't hurt to hope, well it can in the end hurt a little...
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  • Packers will be without their starting LT against the Bears and Khalil Mack. The Saints will be without their top four running backs because of Covid protocols.
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  • Like I said elsewhere on a crude ballpark estimate I think that Seattle has about a 20% chance at the #2 seed and about a 5% chance at the one seed.
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