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David Bakhtiari a Season ending injury !!

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  • That’s a big loss for Packers.

    PS Happy New Year everyone !
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  • I never root for injuries, but this is a gigantic blow to the Packers. Rodgers usually has a very clean pocket to throw from and it makes their offense hum.
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  • That stinks for him, and I hope he returns healthy. I’m glad he was paid before this happened.

    As for the Packers, I’m a Saints fan, and we just lost Kwon Alexander who was turning into a gamer for our defense. Injuries suck, but I have no more sympathy for the Packers than they have for the Saints.
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  • Injuries are the worst part of football, they suck!
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  • I agree. Need some Vegas time next year. Or some time before.....oops.. I suppose that aint happnin. LOL
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  • Where's Cable? He'll have "Snacks" playing Left Tackle by Sunday!
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  • And Kamara hit the covid list.

    Jeesh if it’s really a war of attrition the stars might just be aligning.
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  • Two exclamation points celebrating a player injury?

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  • RedAlice wrote:Two exclamation points celebrating a player injury?


    I know that can be the norm at times Alice, but i don't see it in this post. It's more of a "Wow! That's a big deal" post to me.
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  • OH look its RedAlice jumping the gun... Or not being able to read.

    You are complaining about that while your fans are literally wishing death upon other fans all while you defend them and some of the most idiotic analogies posted in 30 years.

    Boo freakin.. hooo
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