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JJ Watt in the NFC West. Signs w/ Arizona.

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  • Not even sure who, as a REAL FAN OF THEIR TEAM thinks this is even a question, option, or even glimpse of reality:

    I loved the Rams in their 1 win, 2 win, 1 win seasons, etc....AS MUCH AS I LOVE THEM CONSTANTLY

    the Seahawks figure zero into my obsessive Rams love.

    The team who has been most relevant to me this century: RAMS
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  • Is JJ expected to last more than four games this season?
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  • RedAlice wrote:
    jmahon316 wrote:
    RedAlice wrote:
    jmahon316 wrote:RedAlice, I hope the Rams go to the Superbowl just to lose after scoring only 3 points and earn a bottom tier draft pick which happens to be a free safety in the 2nd round which was their first pick of the season (a free safety who only has his best games against the Cardinals) because they made a horrible mistake for their QB who they recently traded away after realizing how much he sucked. Wait, did this already happen? At least you guys got Aaron Donald which is the crowned star of your team.

    Rams will get wrecked by the Hawks this year. Willing to put $200 to the forum on it.

    Who do you think felt worse?

    On our day.

    My team having a chance heading into Q4?

    Or, your team having the game WON and throwing instead of passing?

    Skip me with your GD Insults.

    ETA: I don’t bet idiots.

    I suppose you did accomplish enough of my attention to respond to you. :irishdrinkers:

    Careful, “They say that God watches out for children, drunks and fools. Simply put, this means I stand a two-thirds better chance for divine intervention in my life than most other people."


    Who do I think felt worse, honestly? A Seahawks fan feeling a dynasty in the works with a 2nd and goal in the 4th qtr on the 1 yard line with :26 seconds left with Lynch in the backfield. You don't know heartbreak until you've been that close to an actual dynasty in your lifetime of watching. It was as close as a flea's @$$h0le. (If you watch, throwing was the right choice, but not to Lockette. Lynch was open in the North with green grass in front of him. Would've been an EASY THROW touchdown. But I digress.)

    vs. a team that choked harder in the WHOLE 4th qtr than an intern in the Oval office back in 1996...Speaking of which, were you even born when the 49ers won their last superbowl?

    Come at me bro?

    On topic: JJ Watt will be good on the Cards, but he won't be the difference that makes them a playoff team. It'll be Rams/Seahawks for the NFC West Crown next year. Sorry 49ers, you had your chance but

    But please, tell me how you're more relevant than the Seahawks in this century.


    Feel better now?

    Yes :) Sorry for targeting you. I don't know much about you at all...I only come here when drunk nowadays and you were in front of me.
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