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Dan Quinn is bringing his own players to the Cowboys

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  • ,....... Quinn seems to be having a big and favorable impact on personnel decisions. Urban is a proven run-stuffer who also exhibits the important trait of helping keep the linebackers clean. Neal also may be more valuable against the run than the pass, which is not at all a bad thing after we watched the run repeatedly gash the Cowboys last year. If the reports are at all correct about how he will be used, then he may also provide better coverage in the WLB role than we saw.

    It is not a certainty, but it already looks like Dallas is being smarter in free agency than they have in a while. Bringing in some of Quinn’s old players is one reason why that may be more than just a pipe dream.

    Dan Quinn is bringing his own players to the Cowboys, and that’s not a bad idea >>>
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  • If Neal continues to recover from that injury, he's going to be an absolute steal for the 'Boys.
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  • Considering that the Falcons Defense was putrid, nothing to worry about. Though if he brings Grady Jackson to that Cowboys DL....
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  • It was stupid not to sign Quinn and fire KNJ.
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