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Kirk Cousins playing at an MVP Level

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Kirk Cousins playing at an MVP Level
Tue Sep 28, 2021 12:59 pm
  • Phil, along those lines, who's a good QB currently getting overlooked because of their record, then?

    Simms: I'm gonna give Kirk Cousins (the credit) we've never given him. I applaud him. They (the Vikings) are 1-2, and he hasn't played well; he's played great!

    But because he's Kirk Cousins, 'Nope, he can't win.' But man, he's slinging it, dead accurate. But nobody cares because the perception is driven by fans, media, radio and pundits on TV that recite garbage constantly. ... more-love/

    Admit it, Vikings fans: Kirk Cousins is playing at an MVP level

    For multiple reasons, Vikings fans seem reluctant to enjoy how well Cousins is playing. If the Vikings had a winning record, he would even be an early MVP candidate.

    Everything that happened in the six months between the start of the NFL "league year" in March and the start of the season suggested the Vikings were a team in transition at quarterback — and that many fans and plenty within the organization were ready for that change.

    So naturally, through three games, Cousins is playing MVP-caliber football. Yes, I said that.

    He nearly rescued a flawed Vikings performance in Week 1 and had the Vikings driving for the game-winning score before Dalvin Cook's fumble.

    He had another strong game and clutch drive against the Cardinals before Greg Joseph's missed field goal.

    Win at least two of those — or especially all three — and Cousins is in the early MVP discussion, ... 600101289/

    ESPN Total QBR, 2021 Regular Season Ranking

    Rank Name

    1 Matthew Stafford LAR
    2 Kirk Cousins MIN

    3 Teddy Bridgewater DEN
    4 Patrick Mahomes KC
    5 Kyler Murray ARI
    6 Sam Darnold CAR
    7 Tom Brady TB
    8 Jameis Winston NO
    9 Aaron Rodgers GB
    10 Derek Carr LV
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Re: Kirk Cousins playing at an MVP Level
Mon Oct 04, 2021 12:50 pm
  • According to Mark "Dirty" Sanchez he's a "Stone. Cold. Killer."
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Re: Kirk Cousins playing at an MVP Level
Mon Oct 04, 2021 1:02 pm
  • Let's see him win an actual big game before he is crowned Joe Montana.
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