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What if the SuperSonics drafted Latrell Sprewell in 1992?

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  • Instead of drafting Doug Christie who would later be traded for Sam Perkins

    Would the Sonics win a championship in '94 & 95 with Payton, Sprewell and Kemp?

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  • Not sure Sprewell and Payton could co exist, add George and you have to wonder if Sprewell would try to choke him out?
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  • Spree was one my favorite players of the 90s. He was terrific in New York when he handled the ball as a shooting guard or from the wing. I think that's the only issue with this idea. Kemp is going to run the floor, and did so magnificently with Payton handling.

    Add Sprewell, who was good with the ball in the slow moving offenses of the East, and Kemp and the rest of the Sonics don't fire as quickly. Also, where does that leave McMillan and/or Detlef?

    Unless you're going to create a small ball lineup like Golden State? Kemp as a center, but basically playing as another PF?
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  • Perkins was a big part of those teams. The stretch 4 ahead of his time.
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  • Hawkstorian wrote:Perkins was a big part of those teams. The stretch 4 ahead of his time.

    I agree..Perkins was a big part and not having him is hard for me to see.
    Spre?I have a hard time looking past his choking the coach(sorry)
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