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This is both heartbreaking and beautiful.

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  • Breaks and then warms the heart. Reminds me of our new cat Pebbles. After our beloved cat Stanley died two years ago from liver disease we went out and found another cat. Pebbles was a rescue. All we knew was she came from a hoarder's home. She was 6 months when we adopted her. Right away she was extremely skiddish. I said this was normal as most animals need an adjustment period to get used to their new home and family. Except months turned into over a year and Pebbles was still acting extremely skiddish, especially towards me. It got to the point that I wanted to take her back. I love cats and I couldn't imagine living the next 10-15 years or more with a cat that was so skiddish and didn't like me.

    My good friend who is a major cat lover told me to continue to show love and patience. I was getting at the end of my rope. Then suddenly one day she started to come closer to me, allow me to pet her more. Now she no longer hides under our bed all day. She is out in the open, will come up to me on her own, plays with me and adores our Boxer Baylee.

    Deep down, no matter our issues, we all want the same thing. Love.
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