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Hard Rock Cafe NOLA construction accident...

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  • 1 person killed, 2 trapped inside Hard Rock Hotel that partially collapsed


    At least one person has died and two others remain trapped after an under-construction Hard Rock Hotel partially collapsed Saturday in New Orleans.

    New Orleans Fire Chief Timothy McConnell said rescue teams are unable to locate the trapped individuals inside the building, but believe one is in an area that's easy to access while the other is confined in a part of the building that is unstable.

    Crews were gearing up to enter the building Saturday evening to try and rescue the two.

    "We have first responders going into a very dangerous building right now, trying to do their job," a spokesperson for New Orleans Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness said at a press conference. "Please keep them in your thoughts." ... d=66232002
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  • Gotta wonder in this day and age how this happens
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  • Contractors cutting corners, bad equipment maintenance, other things get overlooked. When that construction crane fell in Bellevue WA a few years back and killed a guy in bed in his apartment, the root cause was that the holes in the bottom of the tubes that it was made of (that let the rain out) weren't kept clear so the tubes rusted out from the inside. My source for that is the guy that did the investigation (head of the mechanical engineering department at St Martin's College in Olympia).
    (edit - or the civil engineering dept - I forget which)
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  • Cyrus12 wrote:Gotta wonder in this day and age how this happens

    Chinese building materials.
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  • Gravity plays a part in it as well.
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