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SpaceX Dragon capsule just splashed down...

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  • Still afloat. Speed boats on their way to contact. :mrgreen:
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    Historically significant moment.

    Hopefully many young people were paying attention.

    I remember so well getting to see Apollo 11 lift off.

    Our space program took a few steps backwards with the shuttle tragedies but this will go a long ways in propelling us forward.

    Congratulations SpaceX and NASA
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  • Setting the example with dividend paying collaborative results thru great Teamwork

    Well done :2thumbs:
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  • Hear! Hear! Great to have some +positive+ news to enjoy.
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  • Aussie Seahawk wrote:Hear! Hear! Great to have some +positive+ news to enjoy.

    Speaking of positivity, I'm following, with great interest, the Loyal Wingman teaming project of the Australian Air Force and Boeing Australia. It's my understanding that they have chosen to invite the UK into their collaborative culture via the announcement that data generated by the Australian Loyal Wingman project will be shared with the UK.

    It's been decades since Australia conceived and built it own indigenous air frame. Australia clearly has charted a leadership role in helping define a new era of collaboration and consciences building.

    Congratulations and carry on Australia. :2thumbs:

    We have great hard working men and women leading the way toward showing what great team work can accomplish.
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