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Loving the "cold"

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Loving the "cold"
Fri Aug 07, 2020 3:56 am
  • I know it is laughable by any even semi-cold climate standards, but it only just cracked 10C/50F max today in Adelaide, and many places in South Australia had near-record low maxima and minima recently. There was even a bit of snow in some higher-altitude areas.

    My thermometer didn't get above 8C/47F all day, and it is even raining a bit. Several country areas, including my hometown, have been down to as low as -5C/21F at night.

    I love it, but the whining and media coverage... honestly, it is ridiculous. This warmth/sunshine obsession here, in a place that gets far too much of both, IMO. LOVING relative-cold and no sun. As usual, NOT welcoming the all-too-early arrival of spring, which here is absolutely parts of September, and can be quite hot in October, with the first stinkers (heat) in November at times.
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