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Sciency stuff-some recent Hubble photos of galaxies...

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  • 8 Gorgeous Galaxies Shot This Summer By The Hubble Space Telescope That You Need To See


    Are we getting bored of the Hubble Space Telescope? Ask any space fan what their favorite Hubble image is and invariably they’ll mention the observatory’s famous capture of the Horsehead Nebula, or perhaps the “Pillars of Creation” in the Eagle Nebula.

    They were astonishing, but they were also originally taken decades ago. The ageing space telescope may now be past its 30th birthday, but it continues to produce sparkling images that deserve to be seen and loved.

    In the past few months a number of exquisite photos of weird and wonderful galaxies have been published that in its earlier career would have garnered more attention. ... da6a918700

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  • Space imagery never gets old, Thanks Steve.
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