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Scale model (aircraft) painting questions, please

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  • I have just got back into making plastic scale model aircraft after over 25 years of neglect, but now I'm retired.

    I've just completed a 1:72 scale MiG-29 (Farnborough 1988 "Blue 10" - the first time it was displayed in the West, I believe) which I bought back in around 1991 or so! I am unhappy with the all-too-visible painting brush-strokes (used Humbrol enamels; some new, some maybe 10-15 years old which were given to me) and when I bought a new model kit last weekend, the hobby store said I need to thin enamel paint, even if manually brushing. I have never used an airbrush, BTW.

    Is there any rule of thumb for dilution percentage of [Humbrol] enamels with [Humbrol] thinners, please? Surely it varies - for instance, gloss/satin/matt enamels appear to be more viscous than metallic enamels. Do you need to thin [Humbrol] enamel primer?

    For my new kit (1:72 scale Gulf War RAF Panavia Tornado GR.1) I had to buy Vallejo Model Color acrylic (70.876 brown sand) as there was no enamel (Humbrol or otherwise) in stock. Model paint is hard to get here (it's all imported); stocks are eroded! I've never used acrylic paint; never anything but Humbrol enamels. I'm definitely not claiming any superiority of any brand or medium, etc - it is simply all I've ever used!

    I understand it is OK to paint acrylic paint over enamel primer (but not vice-versa?) but is it really necessary to prime bare styrene before top-coating, whether with acrylic or enamel colours?

    Do you just shake the Vallejo "eye-dropper" type bottles of acrylic paint, or do you need to stick a thin object through the tiny hole to try to stir it as well. I don't know how effective manual shaking would be... especially when the bottle is new and totally full. Do you have to thin Vallejo acrylics?

    Finally - I'm sure it does no harm, but is it worth it to wash a new model's parts in warm soapy water, before commencing assembly at all?

    Thanks for any input - there is so much conflicting information about these things...
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  • Hope I can help , I owned a Hobby Store for 23 years but have been out for about 6 years. Things might have changed.

    Humbrol paints don't require thinning for hand brushing , they changed the formula about 10 years ago so they were pre-thinned for airbrushing , and thus became useless for hand brushing. I find Humbrol paints more miss that hit now.

    In short , thinning paints make them harder to hand brush with, so I don't agree with the advise you received.

    Yep , most Acrylics over enamel will work , priming can be handy when using lighter colours , as they don't tend to cover well when hand brushing.

    Vallejo can only be shaken , it is a weird bottle !

    Yeah , I always washed the plastic first , some of the cheaper brand kits require this .

    Tamiya make a good spray Primer , it can be a bit thick so it's easy to loose some of the detail on smaller scale kits...keep it warm and apply very light coats.

    Try a few different paint brands , I found Lifecolor Tamiya and Gunze Acrylic's easy to brush with. Tamiya Enamels can be thick but do cover well.

    .....Don't scrimp on the quality of paint brushes as well.....
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  • VB Hawk - thank you very much for your valuable info and advice!

    I never knew that, about brush painting with Humbrol enamels (now being pre-thinned for airbrushing)! I've joined a modeling forum ( and done many internet searches, without finding this secret out! I must try other paint brands, as you suggested. I've always used Humbrol enamels, because... I've always used them (they were what my father used). I showed the Hobby Shop my brushes, and they said they were fine. I didn't actually think to mention to them that my Humbrol paints were all old, and will indeed do so when I am there again in the next couple of weeks.

    It was suggested by someone on the forum that I get a battery-operated paint shaker for the Vallejo-type "eye-dropper" bottles (I never knew such a thing existed)! But I'll just try shaking the living .... out of it; obviously no paint is going to perform well, if not properly mixed!

    I'll definitely wash the kit before assembling anything, thanks. I've never actually used any sort of canned spray-paint on models, or used an airbrush. Guess I've simply never been game enough to try it, and possibly I should. I just sort-of also thought 1:72 was maybe too small to make airbrushing worth it, and also I have assumed you need a proper painting area to do this safely and away from other people (ie, not in the house)!

    And I'll prime my 1:72 Tornado - the principal colour is indeed a light shade. Thanks again for your help... I realise I should get scrap sprue and styrene pieces out, and simply experiment for myself more.
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