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Astronomers declare no further research required

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  • Astronomers declare no further research required


    Scientists across the world have declared that no further research is required in the field of astronomy, saying that everything about space is now sufficiently understood.

    The decision, announced today at the virtual Global Consortium of Astronomy, Astrology and Astrophysics conference, was met with applause but not surprise from the astronomical community.

    “The Pluto thing distracted us for a while, but really we’ve been on a trajectory to finishing our research since the early 2000s,” says Professor April Furst, an astrophysicist at the Facility Of Observational Lens’ and Spectrometry in Space (FOOLSs), University of Eastern Australia.

    “We think we’ve figured it out at this point. There might be a few more black holes we can discover, but everything else is pretty much mapped. Humanity can now look to the stars, and not wonder about anything.”

    The decision comes along with a proposal to convert the world’s biggest telescopes – including the Square Kilometre Array – into theme parks. ... -required/
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  • I also hear Russell Wilson has been traded to the Cowboys. :lol:
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  • Funny guys! Especially Sutzy!
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  • Brilliant! Love the silly AFJ.
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