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No live Blue Angels or fireworks at this year’s Seafair.

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    Was looking forward to the blues debuting their new aircraft.

    Aug. 2-6 -- Seattle Fleet Week: During the week-long nautical celebration, Seafair will host over 100 Fleet Week and Boeing Maritime activities online. From ship tours, interviews with Blue Angels pilots, and so much more, every fan will find something to enjoy.

    The Boeing Air Show: Activities include a fully simulated performance by the U.S. Blue Angels - complete with narration and an appearance by the C-130 aircraft, Fat Albert.

    The HomeStreet Bank Cup: This summer will include hydroplane racing featuring the actual drivers competing from their homes racing on the famous Lake Washington course. ... aY3oS9qjWQ
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  • Sorry to read this - I immediately knew you in particular would be very disappointed, Todd/Aros. Seafair is an event I really, really hope to witness one day, but of course it isn't exactly football season.

    There is an airshow scheduled for early December, near Melbourne, to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force), but of course they have no idea if any overseas planes will be able to attend. Showing my age, I was at an airshow to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the RAAF, here in Adelaide, in 1971. There were many British planes there, including Avro Vulcan, Handley-Page Victor, and English Electric Lightning (Britain's first Mach 2+ fighter). We had Dassault Mirages back then - F/A-18 Hornets didn't arrive here until 1984 or so. We had F111s on order (very controversial back then), but they were delayed massively because of their initial annoying habit of parting company with their wings.

    We leased F4 Phantoms at the time, which were at this airshow. These were some of my favourite planes. The F111s ended up being absolutely stellar, and were sadly retired only recently. The RAAF used to do a "dump and burn" in airshows, which I've been told the USAF was never allowed to do with theirs(?)

    During the Closing Ceremony of the 200 Sydney Olympic Games, one flew over the Olympic Stadium very low, just as the Torch was extinguished. The F111 lit up at the same time, simulating a "transfer" of the Olympic flame to Athens, for the 2004 Games.

    That 1971airshow was the last time I ever ate a doughnut. My father warned me I'd be sick after eating so many, and he wasn't wrong. To this day, the merest smell of one makes me feel ill!
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  • Very cool Aussie! Thanks for sharing that info. As for donuts, never been a big fan so don't feel too bad. :P
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  • This state is doomed.
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  • SmokinHawk wrote:This state is doomed.

    Why? Please explain in great detail.

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  • Chapow wrote:
    SmokinHawk wrote:This state is doomed.

    Why? Please explain in great detail.


    Take all political arguments/statements to the politics forum as that’s where this is headed.
    Please and thank you in advance.
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