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Anybody have any updates on how Radish's surgery went?

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  • I think it was scheduled for this AM. If you hear anything, post it up. I want to hear that it went well and he'll be back at it in no time. He's had a heck of a time with his foot and leg. Hopefully they got it fixed up and he's off in happy land right now relaxing in his bed.
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  • Sounds like it went good! Got a text from him earlier in the day...
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  • Glad to hear! Get well soon Les.
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  • What surgery? Did he have his grumpy old bastard gland removed? j/k

    No idea what surgery, but Les is awesome so whatever it is I wish him a speedy recovery!
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  • Is his vag*** still bleeding?
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  • SacHawk2.0 wrote:Is his vag*** still bleeding?

    No, it was a foot problem.......he couldn't get it out of his mouth! (Rim shot, please.)
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  • He had a dermatological procedure Friday, a few weeks after having his foot operation. He's still waiting on results if the thingy they took out is serious. We're hoping it isn't.
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  • From Les, via text...

    "Doing pretty well, especially with Malcolm's help, lol...Moving around a bit and I can use the lounge for the game. No straight backed for a couple more days. Pain from lymph node removal is in your hip. LOL, tell everyone I'm thinking of them. Give Cindy and Bella a big hug for us..."
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  • Thanks Todd! I appreciate the update. Les has had quite a run of bad luck with his leg and foot over the last few years. Hopefully this does the trick. We need him up and moving so he can shake his cane at the neighbor kids and yell, "Get off my yard you punks!". :)

    Get better "herder of cats"!
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  • he had some kick-a-poo.... all is well

    best wishes old fart.
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  • Get well soon Lester!
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  • Here's hoping the hawks do you proud to tonight Les! I hope your recovery is fast and painless my friend. :)
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  • Thanks for posting that Todd.

    Here's to a speedy recovery Les!
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  • Hi gang, Christmas Day and I hope you all had a great one.

    Surgery went well, Everything looked clear but the test on the lymph node removed will be some days away due to the time of year. Of course am also learning to walk again with both feet. Right foot war wrapped for almost 5 weeks and is having to retrain the skin to walk mode.

    Did get to see the game, first one in a month and loved it. My favorite part was a shell shocked looking Harbaugh in the aftergame interview. :D

    Am supposed to stay off my feet as much as possible which I suspect I'm not doing well with. But can only stand a few minutes parked in a computer chair.

    I will expect you to get this Fox/Dish thing taken care of by this weekend.

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  • Les, stay healthy. Our backups suck here.
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