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1 extra pass to the Saturday 8/27 Training Camp

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  • Hey all,

    AbsoluteNet was gracious enough to offer up his 2 passes since his wife is sick and can't go. I snapped these up and in all likelihood will take a friend - but I wanted to reach out real quick to see if someone else perhaps had 1 extra pass that they aren't going to use that I could perhaps purchase from them - In that case, I could take my wife and my 4 year old daughter. No big sob story behind it - will happily take a friend if there isn't an extra pass out there, but wanted to at least check on here before offering the other pass to someone else.

    On the other hand, if no one has an extra - I may offer the 2nd pass to someone on here for free(that is how Absolute offered it to me) if I can't get a 3rd ticket - I'm going either way :) PM me if you might be interested in that as well.
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  • You mean 7/27? or 8/27, hard to think someone would got to training camp after the preseason started ;)
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