Special Teams Coach Brian Schneider addresses changes 5/8/18

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  • These are a great listen, thank you for sharing.

    Really curious to see all of these battles play out in training camp and pre season. Jankowski competing for kicker, Dickson vs Ryan, Penny vs Lockett returning.

    Can't wait to see what rookie Griffin can contribute on kick/punt coverage.
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  • The local press/media had really poor press conferences today (5/24) because of non football distractions. But, there was the following from Pete Carroll's press conference regarding special teams and tackling technique.

    (On the new kickoff return rules) “Yeah, we’re going to work at it here. There’s a lot going on in football. I don’t know, you guys really aren’t asking the questions about a lot of this stuff, but there’s a lot going on in football here. Keeping your head out of football and shoulder tackling and shoulder hitting is alive and well. That’s a big adjustment that’s going on right now in the game. The kicking game, again, with pretty drastic changes – I don’t think it’s going to affect the game at all. I think it’s just going to be rules that we have to abide by but we’re going to have to figure it out and figure out how to make the most of the new restrictions and stuff, and the new alignments and things like that. We’re all challenged by it. It’s really, it’s kind of exciting because it’s a race here to figure it out so we’re hopefully going to do a really good job with that.”

    (On feeling like they have a head start on the new helmet rule) “Yeah. I do. We’ve been on this for a long time. I’m hoping we’re able to help others kind of pave the way because for some programs, it’s very new and the whole focus is extraordinarily important. It’s a great shift in the game. We’re really excited about it and hope to make the most of it. I think it’s probably more challenging other places than here. We’ve been at it for a long time.”

    (On what the most radical approach to the kickoff schemes may be) “One of the differences may be just in personnel (and) the kind of personnel that you can use because of the criteria to now line up at about the 50-yard line and take off and run thirty-something yards. Are you going to have some guys sitting back there that you can use bigger people? It’s going to come, we think, from maybe more skilled athletes on those teams. We just have to learn what that’s going to mean in terms of the guys that make the roster and maybe a more general application of other athletes that haven’t been called on in some new areas. It’ll be fun to figure it out. We’re working at it and experimenting every day and trying to learn and gather as much information as we can. We really aren’t going to know until we start doing it in camp and when we get the pads on.”

    (On whether more starters could be on special teams) “Yeah, it could. There will be a little bit of shift in the numbers and we’ll see how that works out.”
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