I can't watch football anymore. I love the Seahawks. But....

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  • Shark, after knowing all the problems you have faced in your life the last few years, this reaction is not requiring an intervention.

    Just.....chill on anything that may "get your goat".

    last Friday, I wanted to kick my bosses ass. Today, I took the day off. And in that time, I made the choice to ignore my feelings, back to work Tuesday like nothing happened.

    So, in your case, nothing happened. Just don't repeat.
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  • Shark (Jon), you are one of the posters that keep this place awesome. You have clearly been through a lot, and nobody can put themselves in your shoes fully.

    Part of the incredible feeling we will all have when we win it all (and we WILL) is knowing all the adversity we had to stomach to get there - with our franchise it's been much more pronounced than most as it's been a struggle just for baseline respect and acknowledgement in the NFL. The debacle of our one Super Bowl trip and the referees, all the years of marginal performances, etc. It's not easy being a Seahawks fan - I have been since 1977, so I know it well.

    And lastly, imagine how the Texans, Lions, Browns and Jaguars fan bases feel - they have never even BEEN to a Super Bowl. Or how the Cardinals fans feel now - facing massive cap problems and with no decent QB option on place, having to play in the same division as two powerhouses (us and SF) and a real up and comer (STL).

    We are climbing, it just wasn't "our tme". Our young guys need to learn from this and come back better next season. We had it, but we let it get away. Any passionate fan is prone to wild reactions. I actually got it out of my system right after the Lynch TD, because I absolutely KNEW we would find a way to let them get in field goal range and pull it right back from us. It was an all encompassing awareness, and it sucked - it greatly limited my celebration of the go ahead score.

    Step away from it for awhile and then re-evaluate - that's something we all probably need to do.
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  • Be well Shark!

    Hope everything works out for you in all your future endeavors.

    Go Hawks.
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  • I don't know you SharkHawk, certainly not knocking you, but perhaps the words "grow up" apply? This is just football and you're teaching little ones nothing with how you're handling the loss.
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  • Prayers for Jon one and all, please.
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  • This thread is a perfect example of how healing it can be when we open up and share not only in the joys, but the lows and heartaches and faults as well. I come from a family that is very loving and supportive, but lacking in communication - especially regarding the tough stuff. My younger brother and sister both graduated from Penn State in the past 8 years and we still haven't talked about any of that scandal, just for one example.

    So what I take away from this is that the open honesty and unabashed emotion has begun the healing, at least for this specific incident. Kudos, Jon, for realizing that your family comes first. Some people don't get that message until things get much worse. With hope, peace, and faith, perhaps later you'll be able to reflect on this moment as the lowest point and see that through open and honest communication, things started getting better.

    Nobody knows what is best more than you and the people you choose to allow to help. Just know that there are a lot of us here who appreciate your thoughts, words, and how you share your experiences. It's very selfish of me, but I hope you don't entirely give up your fandom. Some of your stories have moved me to tears for their connections between sports and humanity and I respect your perspective on things. It's okay that you lost that perspective for a moment, because you caught yourself before you fell any further. You have a lot to offer, you are powerful, and your family is lucky that you will be focusing your energy on them for the foreseeable future.

    My only attempt at advice feels weak, but I'll share in the odd chance that it might help. I don't know if it's an option for you, but substitute teaching, while not ideal and not very lucrative, might allow you the flexibility to do what you love to do on your own time. I've been a sub for 5+ years while trying to find the right fit in a permanent gig. I'm at the point that I don't know if I'll ever have my own classroom, but I can still convey my love of learning and continue to form important educational relationships when I'm called upon.

    Do what you need to do. And know that many of us 12's will be here if and when you need us.
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  • You threw/broke your remote? Sacrilege! Shame on you!! Turn in your Man Card!!

    Why don't you do what the rest of us do.........when times get toooooo frustrating, just come here and bash pehawk. Simple. :mrgreen:
    In the clearing stands a boxer and a fighter by his trade.........

    Paulie S.
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  • Sorry to hear about things not going right lately. It sounds like you have had a lot of issues lately that you have a right to be frustrated and upset about. It also is very hard to live in pain, so that certainly doesn't help. I think that saying your giving up the seahawks is the opposite of what you should do. You need a variety of things in your life that makes you happy. To say your going to give this up completely will just give you more anger on Sundays, when games are on and you are not watching them. Just try and concentrate on the root of your anger issues and fix them, and I do not believe football is the root of your anger issues.
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  • To anyone who finds parallels to the OP and needs a swift kick in the behind - PM me and I'll send you a copy of a book that should help put things into perspective. Not to belittle the OP - people need to be reprogrammed every few years. As I said, if anyone is feeling similar thoughts or needs to advance their mental compass, just let me know. Send me your email address in a PM and we'll see how it goes.
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