McDaniels Stays with NE

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Re: McDaniels Stays with NE
Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:02 am
  • JM is stuck with the Pats now. Who knows. Perhaps he was told by Kraft that he'll replace BB. I wouldn't put it past Kraft to fire him. Few teams will be willing to trust JM in the future.
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Re: McDaniels Stays with NE
Mon Feb 12, 2018 5:00 pm
  • Hawk Finn wrote:
    hawkman wrote:
    ivotuk wrote:
    FlayvaMeister wrote:Charlie Casserly was interview this morning for GMFB, and this is what he added to the story:

    Josh McDaniels, was never on the original Colts list of possible HC Candidates.
    According to Uncle Charlie, McDaniels, reached out to Indy, and threw his name
    into the equation …

    I guess Josh doesn't believe in karma ?!

    After the Denver debacle, getting rid of Jay Cutler, drafting Tim Tebow, giving us their 1st round pick (Earl Thomas TY Tim Ruskell), for a 2nd round pick that was a bust, and now this, I doubt he's ever a head coach in the NFL. Unless it's New England. And if that happens, he'll suck there too. :2thumbs:

    You do understand teams have a HC and A GM right? And they do different things. Be happy to explain this to you further if you like.

    McDaniels had full control over personnel decisions. Do a little research before making ignorant and dickish comments.

    Absolutely destroyed!
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