Le'Veon Bell protesting his contract in a rap video.

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    Ness on the beat
    (Hot, bang)
    Cheffing up like Squale, yeah
    I'm a target so they

    Point, aim
    Close range
    Point, aim
    Close range
    Point blank
    Shot, bang
    Point blank
    Shot, bang
    Point, aim
    Close range
    Point, aim
    Close range
    Point blank
    Shot, bang
    Point blank
    Shot, bang

    I don't know what they call it out here
    This hatin' and talkin,' I guess that makes me a target
    I see that they wanna judge me by what goes in my wallet
    I ball like I'm Ben Wallace, I can't do a thing about it, oh

    [Verse 1]
    So they put me on the tag, yah (yah)
    Definitely not gon trip, I got that bag, yah (yah)
    Wonder why they treat me like the bad guy
    You say I ain't the best, but that's a bad lie
    I'ma do what I want, just leave me alone
    If I don't do what you want, then you want me gone
    I must say, you bein' real aggressive
    The way you switch up on me real impressive (yah)
    Ayy, I got mod up on my plate
    You can see I'm doin' shows, so you think I'm out o' shape
    Hate the fact that I won paid
    All these people wanna trade
    I'm the one they wanna hate
    So to me, I'ma target
    So they

    [Verse 2]
    I think that I need a break
    You know that I wanna stay
    Some people just can't relate
    Just look at my point of view
    I don't have the time to waste
    They wanna replace the Juice
    And you know I beat the case, uh
    You think if I sat out, I'd be sluggish
    You think they won't pay me 'cause a drug test
    Fun fact, I ain't never failed one, that's on me
    You so worried 'bout the weed, what 'bout those PEDs
    Got this platform, I'ma use it
    Just 'cause I play ball don't mean I can't make music
    If they hatin' at all
    If they want me to fall
    I'm a target
    So they wanna go and
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  • Contract aside, that is a god awful song. Good RB, terrible, terrible, terrible rapper.
    I hate Tim Ruskell.
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