HOLY hell, the NFC West, looks so scary right now.

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  • onanygivensunday wrote:The NFL is such copycat league.

    Pete comes into the league in 2010 with the "Always compete" mantra and he backs it up in training camp and basically lives by it.

    Prior to 2010, how often did you here any NFL HC mention competition?

    And how often did you hear it during the three days of the draft? I heard it over and over again.

    Other teams are starting to draft long, rangy CBs. High end speed isn't as valued now provided the CB can swivel his hips smoothly during the transition.

    Oh... another one... how often have you recently heard "GO _______" at the end of an interview... fill in the blank with almost any team's name.

    They're stealing Russell's signature sign-off.

    As they say... Imitation is the highest form of flattery. :th2thumbs:

    Back on topic.... Yes, the NFCW is THE best division in the NFL. It will be interesting how each of the four teams fares outside our division.

    Good post, but.... You literally could've posted this in any thread and it would've held as much relevance to the OP as it did here. Just sayin'.
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