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  • peachesenregalia wrote:Starcraft: Wings of esports. Kappa

    PogChamp. Itll be interesting to see how that goes. Not sure how big itll help things get in the states, most likely not like how sc was in S. Korea but still interesting. I will say The International has been pretty awesome to attend the past few years.
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  • I'll never make fun of E-sports because the skill required to be among the elite is ridiculous. But it's pretty boring to watch, with a slow build up and then a over-in-a-flash flurry of action that often decides matches in a second or two. Watching E-sports is like watching the bar scene from Inglorious Basterds, minus the awesome dialogue and Tarantino magic.

    The over-the-top announcing actually makes it much worse. I'm a fan of announcers and color commentary, but it's instant mute button on those guys.
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  • I don't think it's at that level yet and I'm not sure it ever will be. There is barely any structure behind e-sports. There are very few big name teams that can provide a steady environment and the teams slightly below the top level of competition have trouble finding sponsors and end up either hopping teams or disbanding altogether. This makes it difficult for teams to build a consistent fan following. Individual players tend to have short careers as the time where you are at your prime in gaming is usually not more than 3 years, only the really good ones can stick around for longer albeit at a lower level. The production value is lower than regular sports and the commentary and analysis are aimed at a very small group of people due to an incredible amount of inside jokes. To be honest it's way more difficult to understand what is going on as well. Games like Starcraft and dota are all over the place with bright colors mixed with a deeply darkened shade, lots of small moving parts and camera that can only look at a small part of all the action.

    There is definitely an audience for e-sports as millions watch it all over the world but I doubt tv coverage would benefit anyone.
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