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White Knuckle Close Games Commentary

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White Knuckle Close Games Commentary
Wed Oct 14, 2020 11:09 am
  • Seems we have had more "blowouts" this year then previous years ... I'm laughing as I type "blowouts"... i should say Seahawks style blowouts.


    The close games are the ones that come to the last possession or two which the Seahawks seem to have a lot of, and the blowouts are the ones that are decided prior to that last possession or two.

    Was reading this article, and it made me think

    "White-knuckle wins normal for Seahawks with Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll" ... te-carroll

    "The Seahawks coach has joked he might be "sick" for preferring games that come down to the wire, even if most fans endure those stressful finishes more than they enjoy them.

    "Because it is so much freakin' fun," he said after the Seahawks beat Minnesota 27-26 to improve to 5-0 for the first time in franchise history. "But, it's way more than that."

    ""Another thing is that the experience that these guys have, it just fortifies why they believe," he said. "It just adds on, adds on, adds on to why they should keep hanging and fighting tough and outlasting people that we’re playing. Because when you finish, you have to outlast the other guys. "

    Gotta think that it's the "outlast the other guy" mentality that helped the Seahawks make the stop on Cam vs the pats, and then somehow also stuff the Vikings multiple times at the goal line. I swear I thought Thielen was gonna get the first after he broke that tackle only to have two more Seahawks hit him sideways. And I thought Boon or Mattison were going to get in (or at least get the 1st). Seahawks were able to make the stops when needed to give Russ another chance.

    And Russ, after throwing an interception on the previous drive, knuckled up and drove the field 90+ yards under 2 minutes without using a timeout until the end. Was it like two or three 4th down possessions on that drive? My wife watched one of Russ's scrambles (I think on 4th down even) and mentioned how he just looked very calm and precise.

    It makes me also think about for example last year when maybe Lamar Jackson and the Ravens almost had it *too* easy in the regular season and weren't prepared for the fight the Titans put up. Or same with Cam and the Panthers with their 15 and 1 season not being ready for the Broncos in the SB.

    Basically .. just saying that even if the Seahawks have more "Seahawks style blowouts" where the games are already in hand before the last few possessoins, it's good to know the leadership under Coach and Russ and Wagz will always seem to be ready for those white knuckle fights.
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