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Does this loss signal Scnhneider's exit?

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Does this loss signal Scnhneider's exit?
Sun Jan 10, 2021 9:27 am
  • Or...will the Seahawks take total control from Pete and allow JS to run the team?

    Hopefully there will be some heavy conversations about how the coordinators are used here, if they have their own voice, etc. I'm grateful for PC and all the success he's brought, but his snafu's in critical situations (time clock management) and his disregard for hiring effective coordinators who are allowed to scheme and call their plays, has highlighted this team more than their own talent.

    I'm afraid we will lose Schneider, if not to the Lions, to another team.
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  • I would do anything it took to keep Schneider, even if it takes him gaining full control over the org. Pete is getting too old is now delusional.
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  • If we lose Schneider our run of winning seasons is going to go flat. Pete is not the problem. Our biggest problem is stars are too expensive to make quality depth affordable. One or two or three guys do not win a game vs a solid team.
    We did not lose the game yesterday to a scheme. We lost to a more solid roster.
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  • Schneider has had his chance the roster is getting worse and the trade for Adams should never have been made. It's time for a new GM . Letting Jefferson walk was a really stupid decision given our depth at DT.
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  • Appyhawk wrote:We did not lose the game yesterday to a scheme. We lost to a more solid roster.

    You are wildly underestimating the importance of scheming (and play calling)...
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  • Schneider is criminally overrated, but he's the least of our problems right now.
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