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About the Refs....

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About the Refs....
Sun Oct 11, 2020 5:17 pm
  • I decided to take a look see and consider what we have for refs this season. So I looked it up. and here is a smattering of what I found. I shall post the link too......

    No doubt this is a season unlike any other. The concept of a crew will not be the same in the 2020 season. Crews are regionally assigned, and we have designated them roughly according to Eastern, Central, and Western. Crews are not going to stay together like in previous seasons, as there will be several adjustments each week to account for minimizing travel.

    The original post has been revised to reflect the current assignments. The original crew assignments are on the next page.

    Senior staff
    Al Riveron, senior vice president of officiating — centralized replay representative
    Perry Fewell, senior vice president of officiating administration
    Walt Anderson, senior vice president of officiating training and development
    Russell Yurk, vice president of instant replay — centralized replay representative
    Bret Ayers, director of video technology ... 20-season/

    I did not post who is doing the game tonight as I have not been active in watching too much. I did see some of the Dallas football team against the New York Football team (North or South I dunno) and seen someone there that did a great job. Hope you all are well. Peace.
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