Scouts can't wear blue to OSU practices

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Scouts can't wear blue to OSU practices
Sat Aug 24, 2013 3:38 pm

  • Well, that's pretty stupid.

    Urban Meyer is a hell of a coach, but is quite a slimeball, imo.
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  • Not a fan of the players yelling at the scouts...

    To me, that's a red-flag in the "respect" department, when somebody is potentially going to audition you to PAY you to play a game.
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  • If I was a NFL scout in that situation I'd tell Ohio State to shove their rule up their arse.

    What are they going to do?
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  • JSeahawks wrote:Well, that's pretty stupid.

    Urban Meyer is a hell of a coach, but is quite a slimeball, imo.

    Urban Meyer is a decent coach and a huge piece of crap. He basically left Florida because Saban rolled in and along with Miles took over the SEC and all the recruiting. He couldn't compete so he quit. Upon his departure from Florida he blamed the "state of college football" as well mentioned wanting to be with his family only to resurface all of one year later. He is an adult punk. Cant stand him, his arrogance and pompous ways.
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  • Sounds like Rolling Stones is coming out with an article soon about Urb covering up stuff Hernandez did while at UF, including failing drug test and a drive by shooting. Things might start to get a little hot for old arrogant Urb.
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  • I didn't mind Urban at Florida until he quit and then came back. Now at OSU it seems like he's trying too hard to prove something, I don't know what it is? He's a tough coach? I don't know.

    The whole thing just smacks of a guy who tries way too hard.
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  • Urban's going to get fileted in the Rolling Stone article on Aaron Hernandez, apparently.

    I'm with 2k here, I've gone from; liking, not caring, and annoyed with Meyer over his career. He seems slimy.
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  • Meyer has always been a douche. I remember when he was at Utah and he had so little regard for everybody that he refused to even utter their traveling partner and #1 rival's name. He never said "BYU", he instead referred to them as "that team down south" with a jackass looking smirk on his face. I'm no Utah hater... my family has had several people go there, and I was 15 seconds from attending law school there... but that jag just made me want to see them lose every week. I've never in my life interacted with a more pompous jerk ever. Complete phony. Total scumbag piece of shit, and I'd tell him to his face if ever given the opportunity.

    He's right up there with Rick "Princess Di" Neweasel in the phony baby-kissing rah rah a-hole competition. "I LOVE UTAH! I never want to go anywhere else. I'll retire first. I AM A UTAH MAN!" Hey... isn't that what you said at Bowling Green? "Ummm, next question." Tosser.
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