How much is the 5th year option worth?

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How much is the 5th year option worth?
Tue Apr 10, 2018 2:24 pm
  • Since everyone is expecting the Hawks to trade down, most of the debate has turned to what spot they will trade down to. Do you think the 5th year option will factor in? For example if they trade down to the late first round, and pick a player at an expensive position (DE Harold Landry - for example), wouldn't it save them a ton of money to pick that player at the end of the first round vs in the early second? Would you reject a better trade in order to stay in the first round because of that reason?
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  • Good discussion.

    It's a tough one to gauge as it obviously depends on the position as you rightly state.

    if they go RB or even OG early, it wouldn't really add value to have the 5th year option as a possibility. If, as you say, they go DE with the first pick it's very much worth it and can save the team millions in 2022 cap space.

    It's clear given Seattles draft history that they don't put the 5th year option above all else so ultimately I'd imagine they will see it as an added bonus, but will not direct their strategy around it overall.


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  • Supposedly, things like the 5th year option (as well as the tradability of comp picks) are included as part of the calculation in the new value chart used by much of the league.

    I want to see the team be flexible on draft day. When Earl Thomas fell to No. 14, they didn't expect it and adjusted accordingly.
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  • I would think in general it isn't worth it. How is the contract structured for that 5th year? Seems like I recall it being pretty pricey. I think it creates an awkward "pay the player a lot or let them walk" situation. For some positions, like QBs, I think it is worth it. For most positions, I would say probably not.

    Unless you're the Browns. Then I think being able to do whatever you can to keep players around longer is a good thing because any player in their right mind isn't signing a second contract with them.
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